Headcanon: Rei's necklace


In the manga, Rei is often shown wearing a necklace. In fact, during the earlier arcs, she’s never seen without it.




The Materials Collection even makes special mention of it.


It also mentions that, after transforming into Sailor Mars, the pendant moves to her waist and becomes a tool that helps her generate fire.


To me, this seems to imply that Rei’s pendant has a special significance to her. So I did a little digging through the manga, and lo and behold:


That’s right; Rei’s deceased mother, Risa (name revealed through PGSM, btw), owned the exact same necklace! See?


So my idea is that, before she died, Risa passed her necklace onto Rei and Rei’s treasured it ever since. She treasures it so much that it actually becomes a part of her fuku and helps her with her powers; in a way, it’s almost like Risa herself is supporting and helping her daughter even though she died years ago.

I don't see a confirmation either. To be honest, they've already deviated from the manga, and they've admitted they're doing more with the Shitennou. This is a really vague idea they're giving us and it doesn't scream confirmation of anything except they're still planning on staying close to the manga. I think people are looking for what they want to hear and they're jumping to conclusions. NOTHING was confirmed.

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Yeah, honestly, after reading and rereading that statement, I’m just not seeing it. People are acting like they actually said “Crystal will cover two story arcs” when they didn’t.

In fact, the vast majority of that statement seemed to be about how Crystal has a huge advantage over the 90s anime, not having to wait for the manga to be finished and being able to look at the first arc through the scope of the entire series. To me, that sounds like they’re going to be deviating from the manga and fleshing things out. 

I’m working on a full translation of the Crystal Mook, but since this particular statement has gained a lot of attention I skipped ahead and checked on it.

The translation linked above says “The number of episodes will also follow the original work, making it a “dense” story" This is an accurate translation. 

Crystal is supposed to have 26 episodes, which matches up exactly with the end of the Black Moon Arc in the manga. So far the titles of Episodes 1-6 match up exactly with the acts of the manga. There are only 7 manga acts left of the Dark Kingdom Saga (with the 7th leading into the Black Moon Arc), so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume that they’re going to continue with the current trend. If they don’t, they would be suddenly stretching 7 Acts into 20 episodes. 

All of that said, it’s entirely possible that some of those episodes will cover side stories or even chapters of the Sailor V manga. Or that they add a bunch of backstory episodes surrounding the generals, as mentioned above. Nothing is confirmed at all, but I do think the inclusion of the Black Moon arc is a totally valid interpretation of that particular sentence. 

Ainomessage is the translator at MD who is working on our group’s translation of the Crystal mook - I’ve been getting a lot of asks about whether or not its been confirmed if there will be a Black Moon arc in Sailor Moon Crystal. Please see ainomessage’s notes above for clarification. :)

Sailor Moon Past Future Mashup! at Miss dream! http://missdream.org/sailor-moon-past-future-mashup/

Sailor Moon Past Future Mashup! at Miss dream! http://missdream.org/sailor-moon-past-future-mashup/


School uniform character designs from the Sailor Moon Crystal First Visual Book (Mook). 

Fansubs of Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere promo vids in English, download now at MD! http://missdream.org/petite-etrangere-event-videos/

Fansubs of Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere promo vids in English, download now at MD! http://missdream.org/petite-etrangere-event-videos/

Elly, do you know if Petite Etrangere will be made available online like La Reconquista was?

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It will be available online on September 6th. :)


Black Moon Clan as they appear in the pamphlet/program book for Petite Etrangere. Full scans here.

AMAZING HQ scans of the entire Petite Etrangere pamphlet. Check it out!

Is Miss Dream going to translate the Sailor Moon Crystal visual book?

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Yes - if I can get 600 DPI scans :)

Hello! Just curious to see if you'll be posting scans (and maybe translations?) of the SM Crystal Visual Book that came out today... It's not expensive to buy but it's kinda useless for those who don't speak Japanese (I heard there isn't a lot of new art so...)

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If I can get 600 DPI scans, yes. :)

Petite Etrangere will be performed in Shanghai, January 2015


セラミュー史上初、海外公演決定! ミュージカル「美少女戦士セーラームーン」- Petite Étrangère - 2015年1月上海公演開催!

本日より、いよいよ開幕しますミュージカル「美少女戦士セーラームーン」- Petite Étrangère -公演が、2015年1月に上海で上演することが決定しました!セラミュー史上初の日本人キャストによる海外公演となります。詳細な情報は後日このHPで発表させていただきます。

Sera Myu’s first ever, overseas performance! Musical “Sailor Moon” -…

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